Important Note: All positions listed below are Paid (Paid)

– Contact Duke Valhalla#1357 After attempting the Test.

Position Opened for:-

1. KTL

2. CTL

3. Editor (CLRD and TS)

4. Proofreader


–  Must know how to use Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Sheets
– Must be able to open ZIP and RAR files to view raws
– Must be fluent in both English and Korean (obviously)
– Must be adaptable in translating (no language can be perfectly translated to another)
– Must have basic grammar and punctuation knowledge (proofreaders can’t do everything for you!)
– Must take into account the flow of the story when translating (whether the line you translated makes sense for the flow of the story)

Above is Applicable for both CTL and KTL.



Qualifications: (MUST READ)

– Must know how to use Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Sheets
– Must be fluent in English
– Must check for spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors
– Must not significantly alter the meaning of the translation.
– Must make sure the flow of the script is natural – Must make sure there aren’t any missing lines

– Check and correct Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation errors.
– All Elements should stay/be in proper order from top to bottom.
– Check and correct for Duplicate Lines or Skipping of a bubble & Incomplete Line.
– Check for missing bubbles and panels
– Checking Character, Place, Previously used Terms so there there is no-mismatch.
– Don’t Alter the meaning of sentences but can correct and give little tweaks according to whats happening in the Scene.
– Should be readable for Audience around the world.

 Test Links

KTL Test Link: Click here to Attempt KTL Test.

CTL Test Link: Click here to attempt CTL Test.

PR Test Link: Click here to Attempt PR Test.

We will Contact you in 2-3 Days if you have passed the Test, If not that means you failed.