Control Player
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa
Released 2023
Author Galde, Yeodon Health God
Artist Yeodon Health God
Serialization Kakao Page
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Control Player

Combat,Control Player,컨빨

Synopsis Control Player

“Today, I would like to announce my retirement from all competitions and tournaments at this event.” The once-ultimate fighter, Young-min, finds nothing but boredom awaiting him after reaching the pinnacle of his career. “I need something to excite me!” Then, an irresistible provocation comes his way. “Player Kwon Young-min… Of course, you’re incredible. But you won’t stand a chance in Final Saga.” “What? Look at this guy!” After being taunted with “You’re terrible at games,” Young-min couldn’t resist and starts playing the virtual reality game, Final Saga. -Huh? I was the strongest fighter in real life, but I’m a newbie in this game?- Lacking information, experience, and basic knowledge, Young-min dives headfirst into the game. “What’s all this? Ah! I don’t know! Let’s just try it.” Putting into practice the idea that a strong body leads to a clear mind, Young-min starts from the bottom and grows stronger in Final Saga. He begins living a new life as “Lian” in the game world!